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AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine is an Association governed by the French Act of 1901. It was founded by the Aquitaine region, the Rectorat (Education Offices), IUMM and BAAS and it is composed of the main players in the aviation sector. Among the members of the Committee and the Board of Directors, are training organisations (APAVE, AFPI, AFPA, etc.), industrial companies (BAAS, etc.), schools (ENAC, ISAE, etc.), universities (PRES de Bordeaux, INP, etc.) and local bodies, etc.

  • Denis GUIGNOT, Chairman
  • Catherine VEYSSY, Vice-Chairman (“Nouvelle-Aquitaine” region)
  • Olivier DUPRE, Vice-Chairman (BAAS -Sabena Technics)
  • Thierry BELLOEIL, Secretary (AIA Bordeaux)
  • François COURTOT, Treasurer (UIMM)
Board of Directors
  • Christophe BACON (INP Bordeaux)
  • Olivier PUJOLAR (Bordeaux University)
  • Denis GUIGNOT (Qualified personality)
  • Alain GARCIA (Qualified personality)
  • François COURTOT (UIMM Gironde-Landes)
  • Olivier DUPRE (BAAS)
  • Thierry BELLOEIL (AIA Bordeaux)
  • Thierry KESSENHEIMER (Rectorat Académie de Bordeaux)
  • Pierre LACOMBE (CFE-CGC)
  • Nadine RELIER-DAVID (CFDT Aquitaine)
  • Hervé AUSTRUY (Qualified personality)
  • Jean-Jacques GONDALLIER DE TUGNY (Tarmaq)
  • Jean-Luc ENGERAND (Qualified personality)
  • Ronan FLEHO (Latresne city hall)
  • Didier DELORME (ISAE)
  • Philippe JOACHIM (ENAC)
  • Olivier GIREL (ALPHA RLH)
  • Jean-Louis NEMBRINI (“Nouvelle-Aquitaine” regional council)
  • Catherine VEYSSY (“Nouvelle-Aquitaine” regional council)
  • Martine MOGA (“Nouvelle-Aquitaine” regional council)

3 representatives without voting rights:

  • Anne BISAGNI-FAURE (Rectorat)
  • Michel CHOLET (Regional Committee CGT Nouvelle-Aquitaine)
  • Nadine CARRE-TEA (FO)