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Virtual reality

This room, equipped with state-of-the-art 3D simulation technology, allows our students to study various large-sized aircraft at full scale.

Collaborative tables

AEROCAMPUS has two of these touch-screen tables, which allow our students to work in a collaborative manner on various types of documents (images, videos, PDF documents, 3D models, etc.).


This 3D screen makes it possible to study small-sized virtual aircraft parts at full scale.

A320 flight simulator

Built by the Aquitaine Simulation association, this simulator reproduces the cockpit of an A320 and provides students with realistic flight conditions (weather, procedures and air traffic).

A320 maintenance simulator

This system is certified by AIRBUS and allows more than fifty complete failure scenarios on A320 to be studied and repaired.

CATIA room

This room, equipped with 15 workstations, offers a comprehensive 3D Computer Aided Design solution to design aircraft parts (CATIA and SOLIDWORKS software).

3D printer

This Leapfrog printer allows students to familiarise themselves with an increasingly used technology in the aviation sector, study various cut parts to get improved understanding of how an aircraft works, and prepare different moulds for training in composite materials.