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Ader Hangar

This Hangar, equipped with classrooms, offers Practical Work on various aircraft (Mystère 20, Mirage F1 and Gazelle) in a work surface area of 600 m².

Blériot Hangar

This Hangar features 2 classrooms, a CAD (Computer Aided Design) Laboratory and a surface area of 1,000m². It is provided with 6 aircrafts and offers a wide range of training on various aircraft such as A320, PUMA, EC120 COLIBRI, Alphajet, PARIS 2R and Tobago TB10

Marie Marvingt hub

Dedicated to the studies and work on ferrous and composite materials, this large Open Space is 1,200 m² and also offers various specialised classrooms (layup, metrology, oven curing, etc.).

Engine workshop

With its 5 engines, this workshop allows students to work on turbojet and turboprop engines as well as on removed aircraft components.

Aviation laboratories:
AEROCAMPUS students have 3 laboratories at their disposal to allow them to develop their skills in electronics, on-board instruments and wiring systems.
In addition to these structures specifically dedicated to the aviation sector, AEROCAMPUS has many classrooms, a drawing room, a physics and chemistry laboratory, a language laboratory, etc.