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AEROCAMPUS Aquitaine opens its infrastructure to training companies, with different options:
– One-off renting of rooms, depending on your various programmes
– Renting of shared offices
– Renting of dedicated offices
– Renting of buildings for your teams
– Renting of technical platforms
– Use of equipment (engines, 3D printers, etc.)
– One-off use of innovative tools (collaborative table, immersive system, maintenance simulator, flight simulator, virtual maintenance trainer, etc.)
– Renting of indoor and outdoor spaces for drone flying

Your needs will be studied on a case-by-case basis, with possibilities of access to all the pooled infrastructure on the site, access to all services (castle, park, canteen, accommodation, etc.) and to all facilities related to the Campus (security, cleaning, server room, etc.) Each partner present on the site can also be provided with support by AEROCAMPUS teams to develop its activity.

They are present on AEROCAMPUS