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Safety Awareness, Aviation Workshop Cleanliness

Safety awareness, aviation workshop cleanliness

Become aware of the value of parts and equipment items requiring particular and continuous care throughout the work Become aware of cleanliness and tidiness of workstations Know what can or cannot be done Comply with safety-related provisions and instructions and…

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Power Plants

Power plants

Be able to take part in maintenance and implementation work on turboshaft engines under the supervision of specialists Acquire the necessary knowledge to take a specialised training course on one or more types of turboshaft engines installed on aircraft

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Aerodynamics And Flight Mechanics

Aerodynamics and flight mechanics

Locate the various aerodynamic devices (flight controls, high-lift devices, lift-dumping devices, etc.) on an aircraft and explain their field of use Use the various technical terms relating to aerodynamics

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Electrical Outfitting Of Aircraft

Electrical outfitting of aircraft

Know the usual means to attach electrical harnesses Be able to read a wiring diagram Be able to remove and reinstall electrical harnesses, electrical master boxes, etc. Ensure traceability of the items which can be removed

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Aeronautical Technical English

Aeronautical technical English

Recognise the grammatical structures of aeronautical technical English Knowledge of basic aircraft vocabulary Reading of documents written in technical English Understanding the instructions of maintenance procedures Translating the instructions of aeronautical documents into French

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Initiation To Helicopters

Initiation to helicopters

Allow trained personnel to work more efficiently within the field of activities related to helicopters Identify the components of the various assemblies of a helicopter Take part in maintenance operations relating to the various studied assemblies

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